Pokemon Go Phenomenon

For the last two months, the world seems crazy. On the streets, groups of young people doing strange movements with their mobile phone, not really paying attention to where they go and enjoy as children when they win a battle in a virtual arena or they find a rare Pokemon.

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Fans are excited and did not believe it ever occur a game  so great, while many others are amazed that a repetitive came to seize millions of people. Pokemon Go astounding success says a lot about us, humand. Strange and illogical things amaze us. Sometimes it is hard to go to the corner store after a bottle of water, but we walk kilometers to capture Pokemon.


We are able to put our lives in danger and this game divided us into three camps: indifferent, those who are fond of the game and those for whom catching virtual pokemon is terrible waste of time.  Pokemon Go is a fame heavily criticized, especially because so many elderly people had become addicted and is normal to wonder how it is possible that elderly people enjoy to hunt Pokemon in the middle of the road or in the courtyard of a church. The game can be tested only by those who have very much free time. It is not the type of game to try for three minutes while waiting for the bus or subway.

It is difficult to say how far can reach in game, it depends how much you are online in the game. Servers fall quite often, and many users give minimum grade because the game will crash or not load maps. And that has not happened rarely, and proof of the huge number of commentators who are exasperated looks very frequent jams. The game has already given many ideal about how to make money. In the US, Australia or UK some people selling they account with thousands of dollars, illegal movement being offered for those who have reached high levels and have strong Pokemon.


The question is whether Pokemon Go will be able to find a place in the lives of mobile users, as well as other applications like FaceBook, Gmail or Instagram. Here, everything depends on the news that will bring these updates because you will not added interesting things, even his big fans will get bored. We must not forget that if 4 – 5 years ago, users were willing to install and try a lot of applications, now something is not true and majority of smartphone owners are happy to open very often no more than 5 – 7 applications.

So is that good or bad that Pokemon Go has become a phenomenon that has stunned the world in just some months? Whose perspective depends look. Those who became fans will say they have not seen this great game, while people who no nohow would not install will say that is a stupid game.


The game motivates you to go out to walk the streets, go through places where otherwise you go and even socialize face to face with other players you meet. These are worthwhile and some small businesses would benefit from global frenzy. It’s good or bad, the fact is that Pokemon Go opens new trend in games on mobile phones.

Site http://pkgocheats.com/ you can learn more about how to play this down. The game of the Niatic proves that mobile applications can pull millions of people in the street and that can amaze planet. The success of Pokemon Go will give ideas to other developers, create better applications also based on the interaction between real and fictional. Pokemon Go is just the beginning and thought that would follow craziest games and will scare many, and others will fill forward.

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