For each parent individually, the chapter “education children” is paramount. All parents want to be admired by example education of their children. And education of children is one of the hardest exams you need to give parents. Because they depend beautiful and harmonious development of children, adults of tomorrow, and the future of society.


It is known that very important in a child’s education success is consistency and coherence between words and deeds. Children are not necessarily what we tell them to do, but do what they see us do that. The power of our own example, good or bad, follows them throughout life.

In this context, here’s a top 20 words or deeds that parents do and mislead children and parents do not realize that so little ones do not know what is good and what is not.



Education children about how you treat other
1. Tzipi while you tell the child that it’s not nice to yell.

2. You tell the child that it is dangerous to talk to strangers, yet forcing him to say goodbye shop assistant from food.

3. you say that we should not let anyone touch it, if not comfortable, and yet you allow your aunt who sees it more than once a year, take him in his arms, even if child does not want.

4. You tell the child you have not a penny for candy and after 5 minutes you buy a coffee for 5 lei.

5. You learn to share toys, but if you ask the mobile phone to let him play with it.

6. When hitting sister / brother or someone else, you shoot one hand, you say that is not nice to hit people, and then it hit you.

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